Frequently Asked Questions

Lazyest Gallery is a large plugin with many 'hidden' features. Please find some Frequently Asked questions below.

I click a thumb, why do I get a black box and a “loading” message?

You have a lightbox plugin that automatically adds the lightbox attribute to image links.
Please see if you can disable this feature.

How do I hide elements on my gallery page?

Make changes to your theme style sheet or the lazyest-gallery style sheet. Add the code parts shown below.

  • Hide the 'Now viewing' breadcrumb trail

    .lg_gallery .top_navigator { display:none; }
  • Hide the folder cabinet image

    Use the 'lazyest_cabinet' filter or add the following code to your stylesheet:

    img.lg_folders_img .icon { display:none }
  • Hide the entire row containing the folder cabinet and 'Folders' text

    .lg_gallery .dir_view .folder { display:none; }

I uploaded new images, the thumbnails are missing. Why is that?

  • Lazyest Gallery uses the PHP extension GD2 to process the images. GD2 uses decompressed bitmaps in memory. An well compressed JPG color image made by your pocket digital camera will expand in memory to 2800 x 2128 x 4 = 23MB. Many PHP installation cannot handle memory demands like this. Try to upload smaller ( in pixels) images or configure more memory for your PHP server. More Information
  • When you upload your images by FTP, there could be a permission error for the uploaded folder. In that case, Lazyest Gallery (PHP) cannot save the directories and images. Please check your server permissions.

    More Information

How can I display folder content on seperate pages?

Use the lg_folder tag [lg_folder folder="your_folder_name"] and lazyest gallery will display the contents of that folder on your page.

Why does my slideshow only displays Loading...

The slideshow is a JQuery javascript. Although a lot of other plugins have been tested together with Lazyest Gallery, It could not work together with some other javascript plugins. Loading will take a lot of time on folders with many images?

Why don't my comments don't show up with single images or folders

Be sure to include the line <?php comments_template(); ?> in your page template. Some themes are not compatible with the Lazyest Gallery comment form.

Why is there no 'update folder' button on my Edit Lazyest Gallery screen?

If you see this and your blog Admin has allowed you to save images, Layest Gallery cannot write the changes to your folder. Please check your server permissions.

Why can't I use folder or file names using Russian or Japanese (..) characters?

That is because php cannot read these file names. Please use plain ascii file names and use Russian, Japanese, (..) captions.

My thumbnails do not load

When your thumbnails only show a spinning loading image, the javascript loader did not load. Please check this article on how to solve this problem.

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245 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Ali Sen

    Hi, thanks for great works plugin. I have a one question. Not showing this galleri items: title, meta description and URL rewrite. I need this parameters for seo. And onclick any image to next images, and gallery pagination number nothing. Please add tihs functions

  2. Luiz

    I just add this gallery to my website and looks great!
    But one problem appears when i open the site with google chrome: it turns a dark page (i only see the dd social toolbar). Is a plugin error or a mistake on the configuration? I need help!

    P.S.: Sorry for my bad english :)

  3. Eduardo Rodriguez

    I insert this code in a page: [‍lg_folder folder=”foldername” count=”value” cols=”value” paging=”value”], changing the folder name, the count, cols and paging values but the gallery does not appear, only the same code, leterally. Of course, the rest of the plugin works fine, without problems… Do you know what can I do? Thanks… and LG-GALLERY is wonderfull…

    1. Marcel Post author

      Did you by any chance copy the shortcodes from this site? They don’t work. Please just enter the code yourself.

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