Lazyest Gallery changelog


  • Changed: Widgets conform latest WP_Widget class
  • Changed: Combined all javascript in one file
  • Added: All Widgets from Lazyest Widgets included
  • Bug Fix: Use of deprecated function get_current_theme()
  • Bug Fix: Empty edit folder title in Folders table

  • Bug Fix: Fatal error in pagination
  • Bug Fix: Fix link to create new page


  • Bug Fix: Issues in managing folders with encoded chars in filename
  • Bug Fix: Use of deprecated function wp_load_image()
  • Bug Fix: Default WordPress user roles became unselectable
  • Changed: Submit box styling in manager screens
  • Changed: Styling of Settings screen
  • Added: constant LAZYEST_GALLERY_ROOT to override root folder for original images
  • Added: constant LAZYEST_GALLERY_CACHE_ROOT to override root folder for cached images
  • Added: constant LAZYEST_GALLERY_ADDRESS to override gallery url


  • Changed: Use only forward slashes in gallery folder path
  • Added: Check if gallery folder is not wp-content root
  • Added: Check if WordPress is not installed in a subdirectory of the gallery folder
  • Bug Fix: Message: wp_lazyestfiles table could not be removed
  • Bug Fix: Fatal error on Widgets initialization
  • Added: Filter for thumbnail location 'lazyest_gallery_thumb_location'
  • Added: Filter for slide location 'lazyest_gallery_slide_location'
  • Added: Filter for thumbnail src 'lazyest_gallery_thumb_src'
  • Added: Filter for slide src 'lazyest_gallery_slide_src'
  • Bug Fix: Border for "Select Files" button

  • Bug Fix: Warning for wpdb::prepare

  • Bug fix: Thumbnails and slides do not create when exif module is not installed on the server
  • Tested on WordPress 3.5-RC1

  • Bug fix: Some leftover uninitialized variables


  • Bug fix: Warning on open_basedir restriction
  • Bug fix: Invisible folders and images with utf8 file names
  • Bug fix: exif oriented portrait images resize to landscape images


  • Bug fix: Fatal error on upload tab when Gallery is empty
  • Bug fix: http port omitted in gallery address


  • Bug fix: supply defaults to prevent PHP warning messages for wp_title
  • Bug fix: Typo in Settings
  • Bug fix: LG did not work for sites that don't serve http over port 80
  • Changed: class 'slide' added to gallery element for slide page


  • Bug fix: Extra options and Lazyest Gallery menu did not appear on nwe installs
  • Changed: Increased size of thumbnails in image manager


  • Changed: Style rules for thumbnail captions to have them not left-aligned and cut-off
  • Bug Fix: Remove link anchor when on_click = 'nothing'


  • Bug Fix: Correctly display Admin screens
  • Bug Fix: Hide Lazyest Gallery menu after resetting options


  • Bug fix: Manual sort does not work after upload
  • Bug fix: Navigator invisible for Slide View
  • Changed: use folder name as class for thumbs view element
  • Bug fix: Admin screens lay out for WordPress 3.4

  • Bug fix: Folder image count reset to 0


  • Changed: Styling of [lg_image] shortcode by height, width and class
  • Bug fix: Empty class attribute in folder image count
  • Changed: Add extra fields in folder thumbnails view
  • Bug fix: Incorrect comments edit url on manager screen
  • Changed: removed function check_users() to improve performance
  • Bug fix: backslash in images url on Windows based servers
  • Bug fix: Upload failed on Internet Explorer 9
  • Changed: Refresh folder display after each upload
  • Bug fix: Refresh folder for empty folders
  • Changed: Use file date when image date value is empty
  • Bug fix: Prevent division by zero in image shortcode

  • Bug fix: Image file validation


  • Bug fix: Gallery user role management
  • Changed: Do not show manage link on plugins page without valid settings
  • Bug fix: Save Gallery path using DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR
  • Bug fix: Resolve gallery address when DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR is \
  • Bug fix: Resolve gallery address for WordPress in subdirectory
  • Bug fix: Decode url and utf8 encoded folder names in widgets
  • Changed: AJAX image request memory and headers
  • Changed: Use browser cache for AJAX generated slides and thumbnails
  • Bug fix: Genesis framework Doctitle
  • Changed: Extra validation for image uploads
  • Bug Fix: Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_users() at install

  • Bug fix: Permalinks in rewrite rules


  • Bug fix: Directory not found for UNC path
  • Bug fix: Escaping url could delete %20 spaces in folders
  • Bug fix: Rewrite rules
  • Security fix: Potential security risk in Admin for invalid folder names

  • Bug fix: Incorrectly compacted javascript blocked image description editing


  • Bug fix: div element does not close when folder has only one image
  • Bug fix: Number of comments of posts in search were incorrect
  • Bug fix: New sub folder got misplaced on duplicate IDs
  • Bug fix: Warning on cropping image/png files


  • Bug Fix: Display of full size images in thumbnail view
  • Changed: Cropping the top for portrait oriented images
  • Bug Fix: Empty rel tag for lightbox links stops prev - next functionality
  • Bug Fix: No permalinks for links in gallery shortcode in posts
  • Bug Fix: Locked folders when viewer level has not yet been set


  • Bug Fix: Display of utf8 encoded folders names in widgets
  • Bug fix: Error on accept renamed duplicate file names
  • Added: Filter in image manager for image specific actions


  • Bug Fix: Cannot open utf8 encoded folder names
  • Bug Fix: Undefined variable in comments.php
  • Bug Fix: Cannot insert shortcode in page

  • Added: Javascript reset of Lightbox plugins on refresh
  • Bug Fix: Incorrect usage of onclick['title']
  • Changed: Styling of upload progress bar for WordPress 3.3

  • Bug Fix: Browser uploader returns 'Security check on fille upload
  • Changed: small improvement for canonical url

  • Bug Fix: Browser uploader returns -1 on fille upload


  • Bug Fix: Insert an incomplete shortcode
  • Changed: Use admin-ajax.php instead of media-upload.php for image uploader
  • Bug Fix: Refresh folder after uploading image(s)
  • Bug fix: jQuery conflict on pages where slideshow does not display
  • Changed: Adjust width of thumbnail images to column settings

  • Bug Fix: Incorrect fields setting for comments
  • Bug fix for backlink in shortcodes with root option

  • Bug Fix: Manually sorted images did not save sorted order


  • Bug Fix: Overlapping Folders table in Admin
  • Bug Fix: Fatal Error on non-existing image in shortcode
  • Bug Fix: Create Folder in manually sorted folders
  • Bug Fix: Drag and drop sorting
  • Bug Fix: Sorting Folders and Images separately
  • Bug Fix: Sorting Captions by clicking on table header
  • Changed: Translatable strings
  • Added: Filters and Actions for plugin developers


  • Added: Pluggable filters and actions
  • Added: User defined fields for folders and images
  • Added: Themes for Lazyest Gallery
  • Added: User authorization for upload, editing, and gallery and folder management
  • Added: New pagination for Gallery and Admin
  • Added: Ajax in frontend and backend
  • Added: Upload tab integration
  • Changed: Table layout is deprecated
  • Changed: Management interface uses the familiar WordPress look and feel
  • Changed: Improved Comments system for faster responses


  • Bug Fix for re-indexing the gallery after a MYSQL error

  • Bug fix to bypass WordPress User Settings for SWF Uploader

  • Bug fix for syntax error in the folder editor


  • Changed Handling for utf8 image and directory names
  • Bug Fix for creating non-cached thumbnails


  • Bug Fix for duplicate browser title on comment-pages
  • Bug Fix for incorrect ofset in thumbs table
  • Bug Fix for comment system initialization

  • Fix warning for admin bar menu

  • Remove popup after flash upload


  • Bug Fix for gallery uri


  • Bug fix for the flash uploader


  • Bug fix for the flash uploader


  • Bug fix for call to object member for non-object


  • Fixed duplicate title tags for paged galleries


  • Bug fix for filtered folder link


  • Changed: handling of incorrect links to the gallery
  • Fixed omissions in the translation files
  • Fixed bug for php error on pagination


  • Bug fix for usort


  • Bug fix for comments not showing on folders and images
  • Added filters for sorting


  • Added filter for newly add images
  • Bug fix for indexing


  • Bug fix for incorrect comment page number
  • Bug fix for incorrect thumbnail view page permalink


  • Tested on WordPress 3.2
  • Bug fix for non-displaying images in popup window
  • Removed to Top and to Bottom when manually sorting has not been activated
  • Changed priority of gallery browser title filter
  • Added filter for clicks on folder images


  • Bug fix for an error in HTML encoding of foreign characters in file names
  • Bug fix for incorrect upload date for newly added images
  • Bug fix for time out errors for folders with a large number of images when many images have been added or deleted
  • Changed the popup on folder icons from 'folder icon' to the folder title


  • revoked


  • Bug fix for incorrect variable name in lazyest-img.php


  • Bug Fix for missing parameters in wp_title filter
  • Bug Fix revert part of slideshow solution


  • Security update for XSS scripting in lazyest-popup.php
  • Security update for Path disclosure in lazyest-img.php


  • Bug fixes for slideshow styling
  • Security patch for XSS vulnerability

version 1.0.28

  • Bug fix: for incorrect rewrites in WordPress 3.1
  • Rework: Alignment for Slideshow widget

version 1.0.27

  • Bug fix for upload error for file names containing quotes or apostrophes
  • Bug fix for uploading after file delete

version 1.0.25 & 1.0.26

  • Bug fix for captions.xml files in WordPress core directories

version 1.0.23

  • Bug fix for slideshow shortcode not displaying thumbs
  • Bug fix for incorrect message: could not create gallery folder

version 1.0.22

  • Bug fix for creation of new folder

version 1.0.21

  • Bug fix for folder items in the gallery structure screen and high chance of accidentally erasing the gallery

version 1.0.20

  • Bug fix for incorrect Gallery folders in fresh installs.

version 1.0.18 1.0.19

  • Bug fix for pagination error
  • Bug fix in pre and post cycle for lightbox and thickbox
  • Changed: Read version number from lazyest-gallery.php
  • Changed: Use more WordPress functions to compile LG URIs
  • Added: Resolve relative path and url for gallery

version 1.0.17

  • Bug fix for comment tables in WordPress 3.1

version 1.0.16

  • Added: Option to skip the memory check for resizing images

version 1.0.15

  • Bug fix for a css error in tables.

version 1.0.14

  • Bug fix for paged comments reloading in endless loop
  • Added: Hide links to extra images for lightbox

version 1.0.12

  • Bug fix for broken comment template
  • Rework some typos and wording

version 1.0.11

  • Bug fix for a fatal error that could occcur on activation

version 1.0.10

  • Bug fix for incorrect redirect for comments on images

version 1.0.9

  • Workaround: PHP4 Warning: cannot yet handle MBCS in html_entity_decode()!

version 1.0.8

  • Bug fix for incorrectly displaying title

version 1.0.7

  • Bug fix for cannot load lazyest-gallery in Settings

version 1.0.6

  • Bug fix: PHP4 Warning: cannot yet handle MBCS in html_entity_decode()!
  • Bug fix: Width of

    Apologies, but no folder nor an image could be matched in shortcode [lg_image]


version 1.0.5

  • Bug fix: Caption disappeared too early in the slide show

version 1.0.4

  • Bug fix: Comment-Image link does not get deleted automatically
  • Bug fix: Choosing flash/browser upload creates 404 error
  • Bug fix: Context title for edit structure appears partially
  • Bug fix: Roles to edit a folder were empty or erroneous

version 1.0.3

  • Added: Option to disable subfolder functions for very large galleries
  • Added: Slideshow shortcode gets random folder if no folder is given

version 1.0.2

  • Added: descriptions in thumbnail view
  • Bug fix: rewrite rules when wordpress is installed in another directory

version 1.0.1

  • Bug fix: New folder names didn't validate

version 1.0

  • Added: Flash uploader for images
  • Added: Move and copy images between folders without losing captions, descriptions or comments
  • Added: Simply move images to top of bottom of a list with many images
  • Added: HTML code allowed in descriptions (a, br, strong, em );
  • Added: Image and folder dates are preserved and do no longer change when the file system date changes
  • Added: Lazyest Gallery can be included in WordPress search results
  • Added: Sort automatically ascending or descending by date, filename, caption or description
  • Added: A drag handle has been added to the table rows for manually sorting
  • Added: Easier access to your gallery comments
  • Added: Asynchronous loading of thumbnails
  • Added: You can set the display time for your slide show
  • Bug fix: Many bug have been fixed in this release


  • Rework: Asynchronous creation of thumbnails is now optional


  • Bug fix: white screen of death due to failing browser title



  • Bug fix: comment redirects


  • Bug fix: pagination
  • Rework: HTML in folder and image captions
  • Bug fix: Random sorting subfolders
  • Bugfix: Insufficient Permissions on folder update
  • Bugfix: No sortable images table
  • Bugfix: Slideshow stops working
  • Bugfix: Filemanager tab is not visible
  • Bugfix: Incorrect image count when you have folder icons
  • Bugfix: Error messages for opendir()
  • Bugfix: incorrect Slide Show link
  • Bugfix: editing and saving roles
  • Rework: The new folder input box for the Gallery root is back in place
  • Rework: Lazyest Gallery permalinks are disabled when index.php is in permalink structure.
  • Bugfix: PHP4 compatibility
  • Bugfix: lg_image shortcode
  • Bugfix: for __contruct() not found
  • Bugfix: for folder pagination
  • Bugfix: for the Admin Settings Screen

version 0.16.0

  • Added: Pretty Permalinks for the Gallery Page
  • Rework: random images from subfolders;
  • Rework: the number of images in subfolders;
  • Rework: exif data in improved layout
  • Rework: underscores converted to spaces in captions
  • Added: use another word for ‘photos’ in the gallery (e.g. you want to show ‘wallpapers’)
  • Added: on click → nothing for thumbnails
  • Added: option to show or hide the “Powered by Lazyest Gallery” credits
  • Rework: a new menu item in WordPress admin. The File Manager is no longer part of the Media menu.
  • Added: compatible with WP Super Cache when you use pretty permalinks for the gallery

version 0.15.6

  • Bugfix for Layest Gallery Settings when a blog contains no published pages

version 0.15.5

  • Bugfix for files and folders with apostrophe or other non-html characters in the filename
  • Added: One-click creation of slides and thumbs for all images

version 0.15.4

  • Bugfix: Slide show show images stacked when On Click → Nothing is selected in Slide View Options

version 0.15.3

  • Bugfix: Hidden folders got counted in the folder thumbnail display
  • Bugfix: Broken link to ‘View Gallery’ in Lazyest Gallery Settings
  • Bugfix: Edit comments for the Gallery root resulted in a function not found error.

version 0.15.2

  • Added: Compatibility for PHP 5.3
  • Bufix: Description edit box could not be selected in Firefox
  • Bugfix: Slideshow stopped when displaying captions or descriptions contaning links
  • Bugfix: Display comment count balloon
  • Bugfix: Exif info not found


  • Bugfix: Thumbnail cropping
  • Bugfix: Loading... message did not dissappear from slideshow widget

version 0.15.1

  • Added: Descriptions for images
  • Rework: Large number of option table rows into one
  • Bugfix: Incorrect height for thumbs for portrait images
  • Rework: Less files in plugin
  • Added: User friendly Admin screen for first time users
  • Rework: Detecting Lightbox and Thickbox plugins
  • Rework: Folder Images
  • Added: One-Click clear cache
  • Rework ids and classes for gallery styling
  • Bugfix: remove 'Loading...' message from slideshows


  • Bugfix: Slideshow in Google Chrome

version 0.14.0

  • Added: Pagination on folders view
  • Rework: Javascript for slideshows for centering images


  • Bugfix: Invalid link for the

    [lg_image ]

    shortcode when a value for width or height is found in the shortcode.

  • Bugfix: Invalid HTML for the thumbs table
  • Rework: Small touch up for » in the breadcrumb trail
  • No Bug: Comments working OK now. (Could not find anything wrong when I tested 2.8 again)
  • Added: Folder thumbnail views in posts have been enclosed by a <div> with class post_folder for more css tweaking


  • Rework: error in XML import doesn't halt Lazyest Gallery anymore


  • Bugfix: Incorrect message when folder cannot be accessed
  • Bugfix: Incorrect folder Icon for sub folders
  • Bugfix: User cannot acces folder(s)
  • Bugfix $title for random slideshow


  • Rework: Calculation of resized pictures
  • Rework: Check for Lazyest Gallery comments database tables


  • Bugfix: Incorrect path in some links

version 0.12.2

  • Rework: Roles and capabilities for file manager permissions
  • Bugfix: Multi-Page galeries double offset in URL (thanks to Marcel of
  • Bugfix: Unable to delete images in Lazyest Gallery File Manager
  • Rework: Check for valid captions.xml to prevent php error messages
  • Bugfix: Incorrect comments due to missing column in database table
  • Rework: Image file name in seperate tag in captions.xml to prevent xml error messages


  • Bugfix: Incorrectly recognizing https protocol
  • Non-displaying Admin Screens


  • Bugfix: Incorrect listing of multi-level subdirectories


  • Bugfix: Error creating slides in cache
  • Bugfix: Empty cache in folder manager


  • Bugfix: Call to undefined function lg_purge_spam()

version 0.12.1

  • Added: Slideshow sidebar widget
  • Rework: Improved error message for xml parser
  • Rework: Extra div for slideshow styling
  • Added: Shortcode for slideshow in posts
  • Bugfix: Incorrect number of comments due to spam
  • Bugfix: Interference with comment template of non-gallery posts

version 0.12.0

  • Added: Image captions in breadcrumb trail
  • Added: Breadcrumb trail in browser title
  • Bugfix: Fixed incorrectly showing of caption when lg_use_folder_captions was FALSE
  • Added: Comments per image in Gallery
  • Added: Comments per folder in Gallery
  • Added: Edit Comments per Gallery, Folder or Image
  • Rework: Lazyest Gallery Admin Form (by Scott)
  • Rework: Removed redundant code in lazyest-thumbs.php
  • Added: Option to always link shortcodes to Gallery
  • Bugfix: Disable Full Size Image Links
  • Bugfix: Do not show folder icon as image
  • Rework: Changed slide's write caption link to go to selected image in Lazyest Image manager
  • Rework: Checkbox to Hide Folder in Folder Manager
  • Bugfix: Incorrect URL for images and widgets on Home page
  • Rework: In Slideview, Write Caption is always on in admin mode
  • Bugfix: Incorrect handling of apostrophes in Folder Caption
  • Rework: Manage Gallery Structure now also shows Galery itself
  • Rework: Thumbnails in divs
  • Added: Multiple Images in Random Image Widget
  • Added: JQuery Slideshow

version 0.11.2

  • Rework: lg_image shortcode in div


  • Bugfix: Incorrect URI of Gallery in breadcrumb trail


  • Bugfix: Other popup plugins than Lightbox of Thickbox


  • Bugfix: title tag to appear with Lightbox for thumbs


  • Bugfix: shortcode to remain intact in WordPress edit preview


  • Bugfix: PHP warning in lazyest-img.php
  • Rework: File Manager actions to stay on same folder
  • Rework: Shortcode suggestion for uploaded Image
  • Added: Save Button at bottom of a long (>7) image list
  • Added: Save Button at the bottom of a long (>7) folder list
  • Rework: Typos in readme.txt
  • Bugfix: Disable drag and drop for Images when manual sorting is not enabled
  • Added: link to subfolder in sort folder table
  • Bugfix: Incorrect handling of folder with dots in foldername
  • Bugfix: Return to File Manager main page after folder deletion
  • Bugfix: Number and columns and image count when paging in a shortcode generated gallery
  • Added: Tab key through caption input fields in file manager
  • Rework: Thumbs and slides in posts inherit style from gallery
  • Bugfix: Incorrect slide URI for shortcodes on home page


  • Bugfix: sorting subfolders
  • Bugfix: folders shortcode pagination


  • Bugfix: Image link in file manager
  • Bugfix: sorting folders with spaces in the name


  • Bugfix: Folder date again
  • Bugfix: Filename sorting


  • Bugfix: Folder date
  • Bugfix: Lightbox URIs


  • Bugfix: Folder access level
  • Bugfix: Slide popup url
  • Bugfix: Folder date

version 0.11.1

  • Rework: Lightbox view for all images in folder
  • Bugfix: Widgets did not jump to gallery
  • Bugfix: Gallery URI not correct in options database

version 0.11.0

  • Added folders sort option: manual
  • Added images sort option: manual
  • Added hidden folders
  • Rework: User Friendlier Administration pages
  • Added Folder thumbs view in posts
  • Rework: shortcode for gallery with single brackets [lg_gallery]
  • Added shortcode for folders [lg_folder folder="foldername" count="value" cols="value" paging="true/false"]
  • Rework: shortcode for images [lg_image folder="foldername" image="imagename.ext" align="value" width="value" height="value" caption="value"]
  • Added filter for illegal characters in director name
  • Rework: Folder Permissions
  • Rework: Random image routine


  • Bugfix error in thumbs style sheet


  • Added support for WordPress 2.6 custom position of the wp_content directory


  • Bug Fix: Settings and Manage pages on new install


  • Security Fix: caption.xml, slides, thumbs folders
  • Rework: Removed deprecated functions
  • Rework: Tweaked wpautop


  • Bugfix incompatibility with K2 theme


  • Added support for image popup plugins that automatically insert code
  • Rework: Gallery display without wpautop for valid XHTML
  • Rework: Memory handling as in WordPress


  • Rework: Lightbox support

version 0.10.4

  • Added widget for Random Images
  • Added widget for List Folders


  • Changed heading for Gallery

version 0.10.3

  • Rework: support for foreign characters like ü
  • Added classes for thumbnails img elements:.category_icon for folder image.random_image for folderrandom image .thumb for image thumbnail


  • re-included omitted plugin directories

version 0.10.2

  • Bugfix: incorrect handling of user permission in Admin pages
  • Bugfix: file date routine corrected

version 0.10.1

  • Bugfix: some incorrect XHTML coding

version 0.10.0

  • Rework: lay out of Admin screen to work in WordPress 2.5
  • Rework: lay out of File Manager screen to work with WordPress 2.5
  • Rework: placement of Lazyest Gallery pages in wp-admin menus
  • Rework: change [[gallery]] to [[lg-gallery]] to work in WordPress 2.5

version (first version by Brimosoft)

Last stable version for version of WordPress prior to 2.5

  • Bugfix: removed reference to site of to prevent crashing of admin screen

version 0.9.5

  • Added option to enable/disable Microsoft wizard upload tool
  • Added resample quality option for jpegs
  • Added Thickbox support
  • Added disable link to fullsize image view option
  • Added gallery quickbutton in write pages
  • Rework: now you can insert text in your gallery page's content
  • Rework: popup windows now closes on click
  • Rework: list folder in sidebar now shows subfolders too
  • Rework: install now try to determine gallery URI
  • Rework: styles customization has been emproved
  • Rework: Microsoft wizar upload password is now encrypted
  • Bugfix: list folder in sidebar now avoid to print everything but folders
  • Bugfix: folers' icons were not resized in thumbs view
  • Bugfix: differents links around the gallery
  • Bugfix: translated message are now shown correctly
  • Bugfix: now foreign chars are supported
  • Bugfix: minor

version 0.9.4

  • Added remove folder
  • Added create folder
  • Added rename folder
  • Added support for germans chars (thanks pufaxx)
  • Added userleveled filemanager
  • Added Microsoft wizard upload tool
  • Rework: file manager
  • Rework: random sidebar image
  • Rework: now Lazyest Gallery is on toplevel menu
  • Bugfix: sometime random images were not shown
  • Bugfix: upper level images were not shown
  • Bugfix: no-png icons are now correctly displayed
  • Bugfix: XHTML uri for random thumbs icons fixed
  • Bugfix: minor

version 0.9.3

  • Added support for differents Lightbox plugins
  • Added forced Lightbox support (Deprecated)
  • Added new version's "spy"
  • Added cache cleaning for each folder
  • Added upload feature (Austin Matzko plugins adapded)
  • Added level protected folders feature
  • Added slide's Lighbox support
  • Removed: index file (no more needed)
  • Rework: smartlinks (now similar to the wiki syntax)
  • Bugfix: international characters in xml file
  • Bugfix: minor

version 0.9.2

  • Added support for WP-Lightbox
  • Added folders caption
  • Added style Sheet editor
  • Added crop system for cache system (cotrib: dodo)
  • Added image deletion
  • Rework: captions system
  • Rework: full size pics with same name of folder
  • Rework: inline styles moved to CSS
  • Misc: Cleaned and Commented the code
  • Misc: Admin page is now XHTML 1.0 Transitional compiliant
  • Misc: All files are now in the same folder (but lazyest-index.php)
  • Bugfix: subfolder's icons
  • Bugfix: smartlinks

version 0.9.1-beta

  • Permalinks bug fixes

version 0.9.0

  • Minor bug fixes

version 0.9.0-beta

  • Splitted to differents files
  • Improved some performance
  • LG is now included into a page
  • Post's smart links implemented
  • Minor bug fixes

version 0.8.3

  • No changes from beta

version 0.8.3-beta

  • Bug fixes

version 0.8.2

  • WordPress 2.0 extra features
  • Subcategories icon bug fixed
  • Captions not refresh bug fixed
  • Slide's cache system implemented
  • Cache system improved
  • Gallery is now "centred"
  • You can now localize Lazyest Gallery in your own Language
  • ExIF Data always displayed bug fix
  • Minor bug fix

version 0.8.1

  • Thumb cache bug fix
  • Minor bug fix

version 0.8

  • Compatibility with WordPress 2.0
  • Sorting of files and folder
  • Shortcut to Home Page
  • Shortcut to Lazyest Admin (admin only)
  • Shortcut to Captions section (admin only)
  • New Captions System implemented (Using XML instead of .ini)
  • Now you can use links in the captions
  • GD Library Infos in Admin Panel added
  • Easyer ExIF management
  • Sidebar: lg_list_folders($title) added
  • Sidebar: lg_random_image($title) added
  • Delete and Reset Options buttons added to Admin Panel
  • Code cleaned
  • Minor bug fix

version 0.7.1

  • Layout bug Fix

version 0.7

  • Minor bug fix

version 0.7-beta

  • Switch for ExIF Data implemented
  • Switch for Captions implemented
  • Global Gallery width implemented
  • Code cleaned
  • Minor bug fix

version 0.7

  • Switch for ExIF Data implemented
  • Switch for Captions implemented
  • Global Gallery width implemented
  • Code cleaned
  • Minor bug fix

version 0.6

  • Improved ExIF Management system
  • Adopted Jan831 heavy coding
  • Admin panel hard coding
  • No tables will be now inserted into your DB
  • Minor bug fix

version 0.5

  • Never released

version 0.4.2_r4 (by Jan831)

  • Caption/title per image
  • Pagination number of thumbnails per page can be configurated
  • Thumbnails with the original filename, instead of the md5-hash
  • Users can set choose an image to be shown with each folder:random image, folder icon or nothing
  • Number of images in each folder is shown in the album-list
  • Some extra security-fixes

version 0.4.2_r3

  • Fixed thumnails and slide view
  • Missing trailing slash in cache folder's name does not invoke eachtime cachecreation
  • Now jpgs and gifs for the categories icons work
  • Minor bug fix

version 0.4.2_r2

  • Admin Pannel under "Options"

version 0.4.2_r1

  • Display the date the picture was taken, and any comments in it (whilepossible)
  • New (good) thumbnail cacheing system (you can turn it on or off)
  • You can choose in how many columns display your gallery folders
  • You can choose in how many columns display thumbnails
  • You can use category icons
  • Align left, align right for side menu now working
  • You can disable side menu from lazy-gallery.php

version 0.4

  • Fixed IE float bug with pre/next.
  • Fixed error showing images in Gallery root.

version 0.3

  • Easy install.
  • Handles JPG, GIF and PNG image files.
  • Show images in the current gallery folder.
  • Show subfolders to the gallery folder, giving access to tree-like structure.
  • Thumbs view (size can be modified).
  • Slide view with previous/next feature (size can be modified).

35 thoughts on “Changelog

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  3. Marius

    Hello! It would be a great WP plugin, if neatly done, not only the English alphabet. I can not regularly enter the Lithuanian alphabet, which I need to write in the names of the author. For example: ĄČĘĖĮŠŲŪŽ. Maybe there a solution?

    Thank you in advance.

  4. Laurent J.V. Dubois

    Due to our french language, I’ve meet some problemes on some image file names.
    I’ve fixed that with an external editor, with an encodage utf8 operation on captions.xml files.

    I’ve request to users to don’t use special caracteres for file names, if a fix could be find, that will be cool. It’s a great easy to use gallery. Congratulation for it !


  5. Robert

    is there any way to sort by date but in descending order? I’ve looked around but couldn’t find a way. I see that you can manually arrange stuff, but all of the new files seem to end up on the bottom of the list, and it’s a pain to have to drag each photo up to the top. Any help is greatly appreciated

  6. Meister

    Hi and thank you for this very useful plugin.
    I was trying to configure it for several days and tried almost every combination of settings to have comments per photo work. I think every tip from the guides was performed – still no result. The comments won’t apear after pressing submit button. Please, help:)

    1. marcel

      Hi Meister,
      I tried to test it at your site, but couldn’t because one has to be logged in to comment.
      Maybe there is something wrong in your theme. The footer seems to be out of place.

      1. Meister

        I didn’t change anything in the theme – it is translated default theme. Switching off LG plugin fixes the footer misplacement. I’ve found that installing it back makes one tag disappear. If interested, please refer to these screenshots
        By the way, I tried another theme and comments started to appear:)But most of the themes having this issue (see the current one)
        1.Do you have any list of themes that are preferable to use with this plugin?
        2. How do I fix this bug in my theme?
        3. How do I write a message in my blog, where only one gallery thumbnails are shown?(as if I have clicked on one of the galleries, which appear when I write [lg_gallery] shortcode)

        1. marcel

          Hi Meister,
          1) I’ll check the plugin for a bug in the comments template
          2) See above
          3) you could use the [lg_folder ] shortcode plz see the lazyest page

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