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Lazyest Gallery

An Easy photo gallery plugin for WordPress™

Turn your existing photo directories into a WordPress gallery

Lazyest Gallery basically needs just two settings: Your photo directory and your gallery page. Lazyest Gallery automatically creates your photo gallery with folders, sub folders, thumbnail pages and slide shows.

This plugin offers a multitude of features for your WordPress blog by featuring a smart back end management site. You can sort photos through folders and add captions, comments and descriptions with minimal effort. If you are tired of uploading photos through the WordPress server, this plugin will make it a breeze with their FTP auto-indexing integration.

The Installation Instructions and User Guide may help you in setting up your gallery.

For more information about version 1.1.21, read the release notes

Read all about the version 1.1 series

I will add no extra features to the plugin, but will update and support the plugin for bug fixes and compatibility issues.
Eazyest Gallery will replace Lazyest Gallery soon.
The Eazyest Gallery plugin offers the functionality of Lazyest Gallery, but is far better integrated in WordPress.

Lazyest Gallery features:

  • Fully integrated in WordPress with Settings and Management pages
  • Unlimited number of images in unlimited number of nested folders
  • Automatic thumbnail and slide creation
  • Add Captions, Descriptions and Custom fields to Folders and Images
  • Comment on Images and Folders
  • Shortcodes for Galleries, Folders, Slideshows and Images
  • Arrange your folders and images by date, alphabetically or manually
  • Widgets for Random Images, Slide Show, and Folder List
  • WordPress Post Edit Screen upload button integration
  • Translations for Dutch, Russian and German
  • Expandable by plugins

Add on plugins:

Tips and Tricks

  1. If you want a single icon to be displayed for your folder, just put an image the folder (jpg, gif or png) with same name as the folder. And select Folder Icons in Lazyest Gallery settings.
  2. Use template tags to integrate Lazyest Gallery in your theme

Please take care

  • Lazyest Gallery is not compatible with WordPress multi-site (MS)
  • Your PHP server should have GD2 installed. Ask your host if you don't know for sure.
  • Please update to the latest version to keep your gallery and blog secure

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