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Plugins can extend WordPress to do almost anything you can imagine. Brimosoft offers Plugins to make it easier for you to manage your images and your blog lay out.

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Plugin Plugins for Image Galleries

Eazyest Gallery

Easy Gallery management plugin for WordPress. Extend your WordPress gallery with folders and subfolders.

version 0.1.2 | Visit plugin site

Eazyest Slides

Transform your WordPress galleries into beautiful slideshows

version 0.1.0 | Visit plugin site

Lazyest Gallery

Easy Gallery management plugin for WordPress with automatic creation of thumbnails and slides, an integrated slideshow and commenting per image.

version 1.1.20 | Visit plugin site


Plugin Add-on Plugins for Lazyest Gallery

Lazyest Slides

Slides pack for Lazyest Gallery
You need Lazyest Gallery version 1.1.1 or higher

version 0.5.4 | Visit plugin site

Lazyest Stack

Beautiful Photo Stack Gallery with jQuery and CSS3. Requires Lazyest Gallery 1.0.0 or higher.

version 1.1.2 | Visit plugin site

Lazyest Backup

Backup for Lazyest Gallery.

version 0.2.3 | Visit plugin site

Lazyest Watermark

This plugin adds Watermarks to your Lazyest Gallery Images.

version 0.4.0 | Visit plugin site

Lazyest Maps

This plugin shows your image locations on a map.

version 0.5.0 | Visit plugin site


Plugin Lazyest Plugins for your Blog

Lazyest Stylesheet

This plugin allows you to add permanent style additions. Your edits will not disappear when you update your themes or plugins.

version 1.0.0 | Visit plugin site