Some minor bugs fixed in Eazyest Gallery

Hi there!. It has been some time since I posted on my blog. I got a new job as teacher at a community college. It is really a fun job with classes about html, css, javascript, C#, PHP and SQL.
Because I am new to teaching, it is more than a daytime job for me. However, I finally found some time to work on Eazyest Gallery and I've manged to fix some minor bugs.

  • Bug Fix: issue when non-80 port is used
  • Bug Fix: non-closing div in slideshow
  • Bug Fix: for incorrect https/http protocol selection

Eazyest Gallery 0.1.3 includes these fixes, and you can download it from the Plugin repository.

One thought on “Some minor bugs fixed in Eazyest Gallery

  1. Audrey Sheppard

    Sounds like a great job for you! I have switched to for the time being. All the technical stuff was too much for me, but I still enjoy keeping up with the updates on Eazyest Gallery. You never know when I will be back. 😉

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