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Eazyest Gallery 0.1.0 is out

Eazyest Gallery 0.1.0 is no longer release candidate

Maybe there are some bugs in the code, but I think the plugin is stable enough to remove the Release Candidate status.

Eazyest Gallery has matured after more than 300 code changes, 88 support requests, 5 alpha versions, 5 beta versions, and 14(!) release candidates.
Thank you for submitting your bug reports and issues.
The User Guide is growing and the information in it is enough for everyday use.

Changes since Release Candidate 14

The final sprint to 0.1.0 took 18 changes in the code:


  • Bug Fix: Match new or deleted folders when folder has new parent
  • Bug Fix: Output of Thumbnails and Breadcrumb trail when post is password protected
  • Bug Fix: Javascript error in All Folders screen
  • Bug Fix: Link is broken when Folder icon is set to 'Title only'
  • Bug Fix: Allow thumbnails to be ordered by excerpt (caption).
  • Bug Fix: Allow not-logged-in users to use the More Folders - AJAX refresh.
  • Bug Fix: Do not collect folders when doing ajax
  • Changed: Improved information from AJAX collect images script
  • Changed: Do not slideUp after ajax images collect
  • Changed: Show subfolders instead of subdirectories in manually ordered Admin tables.
  • Changed: Use post name instead of gallery path for Edit-Folder Path display
  • Changed: Do not output gallery-caption when content is empty
  • Changed: Show About page only at first activation.
  • Changed: Remove link anchors when on-click is set to 'nothing'
  • Changed: Use simpleFade as single transition effect for slideshow, crop images for complete fill and set timing to 5 seconds.
  • Added: Filters for tables in Edit - Folder
  • Added: Filter for Camera Slideshow skin.
  • Removed: Option to not show captions in thumbnail view, because WordPress offers no filters

If you were using the slideshow in RC-14, you will see that the display has changed. It only has one transition pattern between slides, and the slideshow crops slides to fit into the slideshow element. If you don't like this, please read the User Guide entry about the Slideshow
I have removed the option to show/hide captions in thumbnails view. WordPress does not add filters for captions in galleries. If this would work in Eazyest Gallery, it would break compatibility with other Gallery and Slideshow plugins like Eazyest Slides

Next version 0.2.0

I am compiling a list for new features in Eazyest Gallery version 0.2.0. The list is available at Google code. If you have feature requests, you may enter them on the Google code page or at he WordPress.org support page

Have fun with Eazyest Gallery!
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