How to move from Lazyest Gallery to Eazyest Gallery

Eazyest Gallery is the successor to Lazyest Gallery. Great chance you want to move from Lazyest Gallery to Eazyest Gallery some time. The two plugins do not run together on one blog. The upgrade script in Eazyest Gallery will import and upgrade your gallery and settings. This post tells you how it works.

Okay, one day you want to upgrade to Eazyest Gallery, what to do?

Backup before you start

The upgrade process may rename your folders and images, delete your captions.xml files, delete your slides and thumbs, and will erase the Lazyest Gallery database table. There is no way back after you upgrade to Eazyest Gallery. So, keep a backup of you WordPress database ready. Use a tool like phpAdmin to export your database.The WordPress export tool does not include Lazyest Gallery information. Copy the full Gallery from your server to a safe place. You could use Lazyest Backup to do this.

Install the Eazyest Gallery Plugin

First install the Eazyest Gallery plugin in the Plugins Admin page. Do not delete the Lazyest Gallery Plugin. Click Add New, install and activate the plugin. Eazyest Gallery discovers your Lazyest Gallery settings and prompts you to upgrade.

Upgrade message after you activate Eazyest Gallery

Upgrade message after you activate Eazyest Gallery

Performing the Upgrade

upgrade screen

Upgrade from Lazyest Gallery to Eazyest Gallery

While as you ignore this message, your Gallery is disabled. Eazyest Gallery is empty and Lazyest Gallery is deactivated. When you click the link in the message, or go to Tools → Eazyest Gallery, you will arrive on the Upgrade page. The page displays your Lazyest Gallery settings. Please check the gallery folder and the gallery page carefully. If one of these settings is incorrect, the import script will break and stop.

Convert your Page

Eazyest Gallery does not need a shortcode in a page to display your folders. However, it will work happily if you keep using your page. If you choose to delete your page, the new Gallery Archive will be available from your gallery page url. If the upgrade script deletes your page, it also deletes all comments on your gallery root. By default, the script will leave your page as is.

Images Limit

The upgrade script will import your folders and images sequentially. For each folder, Eazyest Gallery inserts a custom post type into the WordPress database. Doing so, it will sanitize the folder name, just like your post title is sanitized upon save. As soon as the new folder post is created, the script starts importing images. Each image is converted to a WordPress attachment to the folder. For each attachment, WordPress creates the images for thumbnails, medium and large sizes. If this is successful, the script will combine your Lazyest Gallery content from the captions.xml file with the attachment data. This process is time-consuming. Eazyest Gallery will process the images in batches of 20. I found by trial and error that this is a save batch size for most co-hosted servers. You may set it higher or lower if you wish, but out-of-execution-time errors may break the import script.

The process

Click the Start button to upgrade your Gallery. The script will show the process and the number of folders to be converted. Once you have clicked the Start button, it is time to take it Eazy and be Lazy. If you have many folders and/or images, the script may run for many minutes, even hours.
After the upgrade, you may read what's new in the About page, or start working in the new Eazyest Gallery menu.

What Remains

      • Your Gallery with folders and subfolders will remain on your site. It will look differently however. Lazyest Gallery uses their own html markup. Eazyest Gallery uses the WordPress gallery markup.
      • Captions and descriptions for folders get copied to the galleryfolder custom post type and to attachments. If your folder did not have a caption in Lazyest Gallery, but you used the filename with Spaces and accents, the filename gets copied to the caption and the filename gets sanitized. E.g. A file named My black Dog.jpg renames to my-black-dog.jpg and the attachment caption becomes My black Dog.
      • Comments will be copied to folders and to attachments.
      • Shortcodes will work in Eazyest Gallery.
      • Extra fields do get copied and stored in the WordPress database as post metadata. I can't be sure if they all display correctly in your gallery with version 0.1.0. Please let me know if your extra fields do not display.

What Goes

      • The Lazyest Plugins. Lazyest plugins, except Lazyest Stylesheet, do not work with Eazyest Gallery. Updates will be available soon.
      • Filters and other customizations for Lazyest Gallery are defunct for Eazyest Gallery. Good news is that you don't need any filters to get SEO plugins to work with Eazyest Gallery.
      • Your file names. File names get sanitized. so, if you have direct links to images in your posts, they will draw a 404 'not found' error.

Happy Upgrade to you

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