Lazyest Gallery monthly update

Lazyest Gallery 1.1.19 includes the latest bug fixes and changes. The plugin needed an extra tweak to make it more compatible to WordPress 3.5.x.

Two bugs have been fixed as a result of support requests. Also, I have touched up the Admin screens. The settings screen uses the default WordPress styling scheme, and I have removed the extra bar in the submit box in the Folder Edit screen.
For more advanced users, I have added three constants you can use if you have your image base in a directory away from your WordPress install e.g. on another disk.
Lazyest Gallery no longer includes debug functions. Unfortunately, this broke the pagination for folders, because of some leftover debug code. Version fixes this bug.

Changelog for this release:

  • Bug Fix: Issues in managing folders with encoded chars in filename
    You could not add or remove authors to a folder. Folder names would come out garbled in the gallery admin screens.
  • Bug Fix: Use of deprecated function wp_load_image()
    WordPress 3.5 introduced the Image Editor. The function wp_load_image() was deprecated. Lazyest Gallery does not use the image editor. The plugin includes alternative code.
  • Bug Fix: Default WordPress user roles became unselectable
    A bug made it impossible to select WordPress roles in the WordPress user management screen.
  • Changed: Submit box styling in manager screens
    The submit box had an unwanted bar below the preview button.
  • Changed: Styling of Settings screen
    The settings screen has done away with the post-screen like styling.
  • Added: constant LAZYEST_GALLERY_ROOT to override root folder for original images
  • Added: constant LAZYEST_GALLERY_CACHE_ROOT to override root folder for cached images
  • Added: constant LAZYEST_GALLERY_ADDRESS to override gallery url

Download the latest version from the WordPress plugin repository.