Update 1.1.18 for Lazyest Gallery

Lazyest Gallery version 1.1.18 is now available for download.

This version introduces a check for the gallery path. The plugin does not accept galleries that are in a WordPress core directory or where WordPress is in a subdirectory of your gallery.
The uninstall script no longer stops if the lazyest_files table could not be found.
Some users found a fatal error in the widgets script. Somehow, the widgets initialized twice. This bug is fixed in version 1.1.18.

Four new filter help you to store slides and thumbnails away from your original images. By using these, you can prevent visitors to get access to your original images.
The new filters are:
Filter for thumbnail location 'lazyest_gallery_thumb_location'
Filter for slide location 'lazyest_gallery_slide_location'
Filter for thumbnail src 'lazyest_gallery_thumb_src'
Filter for slide src 'lazyest_gallery_slide_src'

For example: you have your gallery not in the default path and thumb location is:
You want to serve your thumbnails from: /server/wordpress/wp-content/gallery/folder/thumbs/image.jpg

add the following to your theme functions.php

function my_thumb_location( $location ) {
 return str_replace( '/server/', '/server/wordpress/wp-content/', $location );
add_filter( 'lazyest_gallery_thumb_location', 'my_thumb_location' );

For support questions, please go to the Lazyest Gallery Forums

12 thoughts on “Update 1.1.18 for Lazyest Gallery

  1. Renee Matt

    Previously, the short code [lg_gallery] fullfilled my needs. Now with the update to 1.1.18, I am having trouble. My plugin is located at wp-content/plugins/lazyest-gallery and my images are in wp-content/lg-gallery.

    This is the code I am putting on the page to get images to appear:

    [lg_gallery root="../lg-gallery"]

    [lg_folder folder="../lg-gallery/Bike Trail/"]

    Obviously, it isn’t working. I am wondering if I can achieve this if I get the path correct, or I have to get 1.1.19 version. By the way, I want all of my folders to appear on page for visitors to browse.

    Thank you in advance, Renee

    1. Marcel Post author

      The shortcode [lg_gallery] should work as before.
      If you want to display a folder, use [lg_folder folder="Bike Trail/"].

  2. Eric Moret

    Is there a lazyest gallery native way to specify a gallery location outside the wp-content wordpress folder, other than what I already do using soft links?

      1. Eric Moret

        This only works if I can refer the lg-gallery on the same name space as the pictures. In my Windows configuration the wwwroot directory is not hosted on the same disk as the gallery pictures to be included. C:\inetpub\wwwroot\blog\wp-content\uploads and P:\Pictures\Public.

        1. Marcel Post author

          Please download lazyest-gallery-1.1.19-beta from
          You can add constants in wp-config.php to override the lazyest-gallery settings.
          You don’t need the filters if you use them. The constants are:

          • LAZYEST_GALLERY_ROOT to override root folder for original images
          • LAZYEST_GALLERY_CACHE_ROOT to override root folder for cached images
          • LAZYEST_GALLERY_ADDRESS to override gallery url
          • You need all three of them when you have your original images on another disk:
            This is what I used on my test server:

            define( 'LAZYEST_GALLERY_ROOT', 'F:/lg-gallery/' );
            define( 'LAZYEST_GALLERY_CACHE_ROOT', 'C:/Wampserver/www/current/lg-gallery/' );
            define( 'LAZYEST_GALLERY_ADDRESS', 'http://localhost/current/lg-gallery/' );

            Use forward slashes, and DO NOT FORGET the trailing slash.

          1. Eric Moret

            Not sure when it all started to go south but I moved all my thumbs to their new lg-cache location, re-assigned permissions on all files and defined the above 3 variables in my wp-config.php file and I don’t get pictures anywhere.

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