WordPress 3.5 is out

Have you installed the new WordPress 3.5 already? It features a new media manager and a new default theme.
If you happen to see a Warning message when you open the Lazyest Gallery menu, please update Lazyest Gallery to version
The WordPress developers changed some things after the plugin reached Release candidate status and this change slipped my attention.

While you read this, a new version of Lazyest Gallery is growing in trunk. Lazyest Gallery 2.0 will no longer use the captions.xml files to store information. It will use custom post types for Folders and attachments for Images. Lazyest Gallery version 2.0 stores all information in the WordPress database.
Comments will be enabled by default. The markup is going to be compatible with the WordPress gallery. This means you don't have to update your stylesheets for Lazyest Gallery anymore.

8 thoughts on “WordPress 3.5 is out

    1. Marcel

      I hope to have an alpha version later this week. It will be eazyest-gallery 0.1.0.
      I have decided to make a new plugin because auto-updating to lazyest-gallery 2.0 could break blogs that have used filters. Also, add on plugins need to be upgraded too. Please watch the blog for more news.

  1. Audrey

    Sounds great! Any ideas when it will be ready? Will this fix the sharing problem and incompatibility issue with Subscribe To Comments Reloaded?

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