Flipping photos

When you take pictures with your digital camera or smartphone, you would turn your camera to take portrait oriented images. With smartphones, you could even hold your camera upside down. When you download them to your computer, all images turn out to be landscape oriented and portrait images are flipped 90°.
With the more recent cameras and smartphones, the application automatically rotates the image so you see it with the correct orientation no matter the position of the camera when the photo was taken. This is because the camera software adds exif metadata to the image to store the camera orientation. Most computers and browsers understand this metadata and show your image the way you would like it.
WordPress (and thus Lazyest Gallery) uses the PHP scripting language to re-size images to thumbnails and slides. Unfortunately, the PHP re-sizing functions do not recognize this exif metadata, and your thumbnail images will come out flipped on their side.
Lazyest Gallery 1.1.17 will try to find the exif orientation information and will scouter-rotate the re-sized image so they will look as you would have expected.

Please download Lazyest Gallery 1.1.17 from the WordPress.org website, or wait for the update message in your blog admin screen.