Lazyest Gallery 0.11.0 beta

A few days ago I have committed the first beta version of Lazyest Gallery 0.11.0 to the trunk on You can download and test this version, but please be aware that Lazyest Gallery 0.11.0 beta should not be used on a live blog. Also I am still adding features and some features could be left out in the final build.

Known Bugs

  • The random image widget and the folder list widget do not display on some installations
  • The option to enable other popup plugins besides Lightbox and Thickbox is not yet available

Administration enhancements

All administration pages have got an alternative placement of the update buttons.
Preview of part of settings page
The main settings page now gives you the option to manually sort your thumbnail images. If you select the option "Manual", the administration page will show a table to arrange your folders in the gallery. You can drag and drop folders, and when you click on a column header, you can sort folders by name, description, or date. If you want, you can make some folders invisible for your blog's visitors. All these options will be saved in the caption.xml files in your galleries. So be sure to backup those files when you start testing this version. Older versions of Lazyest Gallery cannot use the new files.
Preview of folder sorter

Managing Folders and Images

Preview of Image management page
The lay out of the folder and image management page resembles the WordPress lay out, with a Save button on the top right hand corner. Just as with folders, you can also manually arrange images. The access level drop down list is a little bit easier to understand.
The behavior of the administration page has been changed too. After saving your edits, the folder/images view stays in place. The browser does not return to the gallery structure view anymore.

New shortcode

It is now possible to insert a folder thumbnail view into your posts by using the WordPress shortcode ssyntax. The shortcode lg_gallery folder='foldername' will display the thumbnail view of the directory with name ''foldername" in your post. Subfolders will work too. Please note that you have to fill in the directory name, not the caption of the folder.
Preview of a thumbnail view in a post

I will update the trunk regularly, please add bug reports and comments below.

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